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Our Bellota cured meats

Coming directly from Jabugo (Spain / Andalousia), a Pata Negra pork, only feed with acones & ripened 24 months minimum by the famous house Maximiliano. Different cuts for your pleasure !

Dried Ham from Jabugo 100% Iberico 21,00 €

Take Away100 grams. 100% BELLOTA. The Must of Iberian ham , a miracle of sweetness melting in your mouth...

Lomito from Jabugo 100% Iberico 15,00 €

Take Away100 grams (Loin). 100% BELLOTA.
Real "Bellota" to be discovered urgently in an unrecognized part !

Chorizo from Jabugo 100% Iberico 6,00 €

Take Away100 grams

The air dried Sausage from Jabugo 100% Iberico
8,00 €

Take Away100 grams

Sardines Vintage 2016 12,00 €

Sardines MillésiméesTake AwaySardines sélected manually, never deepfrozen. Slices of fresh bread from our Bakery & Artisanal butter.

Black pig "Noir de Bigorre" Artisanal Paté 16,00 €

Take Away"Pierre Matayron" - 190 grammes
Made by the famous stockbreeder Pierre Matayron: generous portion to share.

Italian Artisanal bread Sticks 9,00 €

Served with a Cream of artichokes perfumed with a hint of garlic, tapenade & giant olives from Sicily.

Hot Camembert, Flambé with Calvados 14,00 €

100 gramms
Hot Camembert, Parsley sauce Dip, Toasts, Granny Apple slice.

Semi-cooked Foie Gras from the famous "La Ferme du Puntoun" 21,00 €

Take AwayWith its homemade Butternut & Granny smith chutney, to share without moderation.

Truffled Brie de Meaux 11,00 €

Take AwayOur own preparation with a Brie from the famous Cheesemaker.

Service Take Away-20% on our prices
This logo indicates our available take away dishes at the card price -20%